Bruins Stay After

Middle School After-School Program

Welcome, Students & Parents/Guardians!

The Middle School After-School Program offers a wide variety of clubs including recreation, social, life skills and academic enrichment activities. In addition, staying after to receive academic assistance from your classroom teacher is considered part of the after-school program. In middle school, students choose specific clubs of interest and attend on those meeting dates. It is up to them to stay current with club announcements and cancellations.

After school clubs and activities are funded through a grant from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors. The program is free although there may be nominal fees (<$50) associated with certain clubs that compete or have material costs. These fees are associated with less than 10% of the activities we offer.

The After-School Program also receives critical funding through AYPYN (Army Youth Program in Your Neighborhood). In order to continue this relationship, we must document the number of U.S. Army Youth in our program each year. If either parent/guardian is serving in the U.S. Army as Army Active Duty, activated Army Reserve or activated National Guard please fill out this quick form. 

Thank you for your service and cooperation.



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Please explore the Bruins Stay After Schedule and Club & Activity Descriptions for NEW 3rd Quarter happenings.

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