e-Hall Pass Notification and Information

e-Hallpass is an online platform that allows Lake Braddock staff to issue hallway passes to students while also monitoring the activity in the school’s hallways. Students are able to access e-Hallpass through their school-issued device using any web browser. Students may request a pass to leave the classroom or an appointment with a staff member (counselor, administrator, clinic team, etc.). Staff are able to automatically approve the passes quickly with limited impact on the instruction of the classroom. Student devices will be left in the classroom with their teacher for round trip passes or carried with the student to an appointment. e-Hallpass allows staff to monitor hallway traffic, set limits for the number of students at specific locations, and limit hallway passes. A timer tracks how long a student is out of the classroom and can be monitored by our security team. Staff can receive alerts for students who have not checked in to their final destination or have exceeded the time limit of a pass, improving school safety and security while minimizing the disruption to learning in our classrooms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does a student need to use their personal cell phone or personal device to obtain a pass out of class?
    • No, students will be encouraged to use their student laptop or have teachers create the pass for them.
  • Can a teacher still create a pass for a student if a student does not have a web-connected device available?
    • Yes, teachers and staff members can create Proxy passes for students in only a few seconds from the e-Hallpass teacher dashboard.
  • Does e-Hallpass track a student’s location using cell phone location services?
    • No, e-Hallpass does not use location services at all and school issued devices are the primary device for e-Hallpass.
  • Is a student required to carry a device on them in the hallway or bathroom?
    • No, a student does not need to carry a device with them in the hallway or in the bathroom. Our security team will be able to view all active student passes from an administrator dashboard on an iPad to quickly confirm when a student has a hall pass.
  • What personal information does e-Hallpass use in the application?
    • e-Hallpass uses student first and last names, role and FCPS Google email addresses (due to login with Google). Optional information that we will provide to e-Hallpass next year is graduation year and photos. Their Privacy and Security Policy can be found here. Data on student hall pass usage is stored on a short-term basis and e-Hallpass have committed to never implementing targeted advertising tracking platforms. e-Hall pass has also signed a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) to cover the  school’s FERPA responsibility as the data stored about students on this website meets the FERPA definition for Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • How does a digital hall pass system enhance security?
    • A digital hall pass system allows a school to know how many students are in the hallway at any given time.