Student Belongings/Lost and Found

Student Belongings and Forgotten Items:

Fairfax County Public Schools does not assume responsibility for the personal property of students and does not provide insurance coverage for student property. Students and parents are responsible for personal property students bring to school, on school grounds, on a school-sponsored activity, such as a field trip, or on a school bus. Careful consideration to the types and value of property should be given to what students bring to school, whether to share with a class or simply carry. Parents and students should consider the value of the property relative to the limited storage and security available in schools. As a general rule, items of value, whether monetary or sentimental, should not be brought to school. Large sums of money, radios, cell phones, cameras, CD/MP3 players and other valuable objects are targets of theft and should not be left in locker rooms or on lockers. In addition, unattended purses, backpacks, or other clothing should not be left unsecured. Remember, backpacks are not permitted in locker rooms. Additionally, if a personal item- whether homework, your lunch, money, a permission form or an instrument- is left at home and then brought to school by a parent, the item will be in the “Oops, I Forgot It” closet in the main office. It is a shared responsibility between the parent and student to ensure that the item is picked up. Classes will not be interrupted and students will not be notified that the item has been dropped off.

Lost and Found:

The Lost and Found is located in C-152, which is located in the cafeteria. As the room is locked, students must speak with an administrator during lunch or come to the main office and ask that the room be unlocked. Before checking the Lost and Found, students should first check each of their classrooms. Clothing and backpacks are kept in C-152, iPods and cell pods are kept in the security office; and glasses and keys are kept in the main office. Items unclaimed at the end of the year are given to charity. 


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