Advanced Placement

Program Overview

2021 AP Digital Exam Information

Digital AP Exams for Lake Braddock high school students will begin on May 18th

Students need to complete the following:

  • Step 1 (Now): Download and Install the Digital Testing App and Login.
    • Click here to access instructions for downloading the app to an FCPS device.  
    • To download the app to a personal device, follow the instructions on the College Board website: 
  •  Step 2 (As soon as Possible): Practice with example questions in the Digital Testing App
  •  Step 3 (1-3 Days Before Exam Day): Complete Exam Setup for Each Digital Exam
  •  Step 4 (30 Minutes before the Exam): Check In to the Exam

For students taking an AP exam in-person in the school building on May 21, 24, or 25, the room locations for those exams will be communicated to families this week.  

For questions, please contact your AP Teacher or the AP Testing Team:

AP Exam Day Policies and Exam Security Letter

Dear AP Students & Parents/Guardians of AP Students,

AP testing will begin soon!  This letter highlights information that will be useful during the testing window.

2021 AP Testing Frequently Asked Questions

2021 AP Exam Format Information

AP Tests and Testing Fees

FCPS encourages all students to take AP tests for courses in which they are enrolled. However, students will have the opportunity to opt-out of the test(s) by filling out an Opt-Out form, which will show a report with their previous tests and current AP course enrollment.  The opt-out forms will be mailed home the week of October 5th and will be DUE by October 23rd. Families may complete the opt-out form process in one of two ways this year: return the opt-out form to the school via postage mail or complete an opt-out form online by visiting the LBSS AP Opt-out form. If your student intends to take ALL their scheduled AP exams in May, there is no need to complete an opt-out form.    

As part of the FCPS FY 2021 Approved Budget, FCPS is continuing to assess Advanced Placement (AP) test fees. As in previous years, Fairfax County Public Schools will pay for the first six AP Exams for the associated courses of a student’s school career.  In December 2020, parents/guardians will be billed $95 for each test that exceed the six FCPS funded tests.  Also, students taking AP tests without enrolling in the corresponding FCPS course are responsible for the test fee of $95. 

AP students who register for an AP exam after November 13th will be assessed a $40 late registration fee by the College Board. AP students will have an opportunity to request to cancel an AP exam at no charge by March 1, 2021. Lake Braddock will be communicating throughout the year to remind you of due dates.

General Information

The AP program is a challenging academic program designed to provide motivated high school students with college-level academic courses that prepares students for selective universities and colleges. AP is a rigorous program dedicated to educational excellence with a long-standing history in the United States. Students sit for an examination at the end of the AP course. AP tests are scored on a scale of 1—5. Many colleges offer college credit for AP examinations with scores of 3, 4 or 5. Universities and colleges list the credit policy on their websites.

College Board moved to an online platform last school year called AP Classroom.  This platform provides online resources to students in the form of progress checks, a question bank of previously released questions, and links to additional resources for more in-depth investigation including videos for each unit topic that are being released throughout the school year.  All AP Teachers are enrolled in AP Classroom and have given their students a join code for their course so they can access the materials and be registered for their exams in May. It is required that students be enrolled in the AP Classroom sections for their respective courses, even if they opt out of the exam. 

Helpful Links

 LBSS AP Testing Team

If you have questions about the AP format, processes, or fees please email our AP Testing Team:

Access the complete 2020/2021 school year AP Testing Letter from High School Student Service here.