Student Government Association

SGA Sponsors

SGA Officers 2017 - 2018

  • Allison Chinyavong
  • Daphne Essimi
  • Karina Freeland
  • Erin Kelliher
  • Zoe Lansbury
  • Krista Vanderpuye

SAC Delegates

  • Will Peters
  • Fatima Rehmatulla
  • Molly Sander
  • Ethan Sohn
  • Ramsha Baig (Alternate)

Class Officers


Seniors - Class of 2018

Juniors - Class of 2019

Sophomores - Class of 2020

Freshman - Class of 2021

  Ramsha Baig Joseph Hughes Gabe Fulton Jessica Lee
  Will Peters Brendan Manya Bailey Sturtz Gitiana Rivas
  Jack Rucker Madeleine O'Neill   Sydney Vandais
  Beatrice Thurgood Molly Sander   Jane Yi
  Elana Warshavsky Ethan Sohn    


Emily Cincinnati - David Wickham - Laura Dougherty - Dennis Adams - Alexandra Flores -   Yarmily Diggs - Natalie Markey -

Lake Braddock Secondary School SGA/SAC/Class Elections 2018



Elections/SGA Interest Meeting February 7th in J225 (after school)
Candidacy Declaration Form & Election Submission form February 14th to J225
Headshot Picture due -- email to February 14th
Campaign Commercial/Speech -- emailed to or flash drive turned in March 16th
Campaign Week April 3-6th
Voting Through Blackboard April 6-10th

IMPORTANT:  If you want to be in the SGA Student Leadership class, you will need to fill out the separate SGA Application.  No one is guaranteed class admission unless they are elected as an SGA officer. SGA OFFICERS ARE NOT THE SAME THING AS CLASS OFFICERS (see below).

Any student in good standing may run for an office. There are three separate offices to consider running for:

Student Government Association Executive Board: Six available spots for Rising Seniors (who have been in the SGA Class for at least one year prior to running) and 1 rising Junior must also fill out SGA class application.

Student Advisory Committee (S. A. C.) Four delegates that meet with delegates from Fairfax County Public Schools once a month to discuss issues concerning the Fairfax County School Board.  SAC is open to rising Juniors and Seniors.  There are four available positions plus an alternate. (You may run for this AND Class Office OR SGA Office)

Class Office Executive Board: Represent your graduating class! FIVE available spots for each class executive board. You cannot run for both class office and SGA office!