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At Lake Braddock Secondary School, our collective vision is to help every student succeed at his/her maximum potential; to function as a Professional Learning Community (PLC); and to establish an environment that fosters responsibility, integrity, respect, commitment, and service to others.Lake Braddock's instructional programs are designed to empower students to be academically competitive in a constantly changing world. Our school curriculum is committed to helping our diverse student body discover talents, increase competence, develop imagination, and expand academic and personal horizons. These instructional programs are based on the philosophy that teachers employ a variety of methods to meet the needs of every student and create an environment in which learning is active and personalized.

The Lake Braddock community is committed to providing a safe and healthy learning environment, with a focus on our five core values of compassion, commitment, responsibility, respect, and integrity. Lake Braddock Secondary School is a school where the dream for success for all students becomes reality.

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