Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses does my child take in middle school?

Each student takes 7 courses at the middle school level. Five are required-English, math, social studies, science, and physical education. Electives fill the other 2 courses.

Can my child change his/her class schedule?

Instructional staff has been hired and assigned to classes based on students’ course selections. Therefore, student requests for course change will be made only to correct errors. For a complete explanation, please read this message: MS Student Schedule information.

Can my child change his/her electives?

As teacher staffing and course offerings are based on student request during spring registration, it is often difficult to change electives. Please review the MS Student Schedule information to review the process for making an elective change request.

Who do I contact if my child is sick?

Contact the attendance line at 703-426-1181 (Subschool 1) or 703-426-1182 (Subschool 2).

Who do I contact for make-up work when my child is sick?

Contact the appropriate sub-school office: 703-426-1110 (Subschool 1) and 703-426-1120 (Subschool 2)

Can I contact my child's teachers?

Parents are encouraged to contact their child's teachers when they have questions about a specific class. However, if parents would like to discuss a child's progress in middle school, parents are encouraged to contact their child's counselor. The counselor and you will discuss your concerns and then determine if a team meeting is necessary. The counselor will then arrange the meeting between parents and the team teachers.

How does my child make an appointment to see his/her counselor?

Your child comes to the student services office after notifying the teacher of the class he/she is missing. If the counselor is available, your child will be seen immediately. If the counselor is working with another student or a parent, the child will complete a Counselor Connect Form and return to class. In normal circumstances, your child will be seen no later than 1 day after the request has been submitted. Please tell you child to alert the receptionist if he/she needs to be seen immediately.  During Distance Learning students will access their counselor in our Student Services Virtual Office.

Can my child earn high school credits in middle school?

Yes. High school courses offered in middle school are world languages, Algebra I Honors, and Geometry Honors. As the grades for these courses become a part of your child's high school transcript, parents are encouraged to look at a child's ability AND work habits before enrolling for any high school credit class. High school credit classes increase the amount of independent work that is required at school and at home.

Can parents living in different households receive copies of interims and report cards?

Yes . Contact our student services assistant at 703-426-1106 to make this request. You will then need to provide 8 stamped, self-addressed envelopes to the office of counseling.

Can my child obtain a work permit if he/she is in middle school?

If your child is 14 years old, he/she can obtain an employment certificate. This process is now handled directly by the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry and information can be found on the Department of Labor website