High School Student Withdrawal

Leaving Lake Braddock? Please follow these procedures.

LBSS Student Withdrawal Procedures

Enrolling Parent

  • Contact Amber Belloni, HS Registrar, to initiate your student’s withdrawal as soon as possible.
  • Withdrawals must be submitted in writing and can be submitted by email to Amber Belloni.
  • Student’s laptop and charger must be returned to school prior to withdrawal.


  • Pick-up your Withdrawal Form from Mrs. Belloni in HS Student Services in C138.  Take the student withdrawal form to all your classes, obtain withdrawal grades and return school property (books, etc.).
  • Return completed withdrawal form to High School Student Services before leaving campus on your last day.
  • Return your laptop and charger in room B122 before leaving campus on your last day.

Student Records

  • A records request from the new school needs to be submitted to Lake Braddock HS.  If you have any questions, please contact Amber Belloni, or call High School Student Services at 703-426-1040.