Student Government Association

SGA/SAC/Class Election Guide

Access everything you need to know to participate in this year's SGA, SAC, and Class officer elections.

LBSS Elections Google Classroom

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About the Lake Braddock Student Government Association

SGA Mission

Mission: The SGA strives to encourage school spirit, give students a representative voice, serve as ambassadors to their school and community, and to develop strong student leaders in grades 9-12.

SGA Sponsors

SGA Officers, 2022-2023

  • Brooke G.
  • Owen L.
  • Meba H.
  • Trevor S.
  • Clare W.
  • Kevin T.

Student Advisory Council Delegates, 2022-2023

  • Brooke G.
  • Madison J.
  • Haley T.
  • Alternate: Kevin T.

Class Officers, Sponsors, and Administrators

Seniors: Class of 2023

Class Officers 2022-23:

  • Madison J.
  • Camryn O.
  • Annelisa R.
  • Syon S.

Class Sponsors

  • Mr. Pat Clark
  • Ms. Elizabeth Moore
  • Ms. Krista Gallagher  

Class Administrator

  • Ms.Ali Reeves


Juniors: Class of 2024

Class Officers

  • Anayah A-B.
  • Michael F.
  • Eric Z.
  • Jonathan B.
  • Breanna L.

Class Sponsors

  • Ms. Kat Young

Class Administrator

  • Mr. Scott Darwin

Sophomores: Class of 2025

Class Officers

  • Misha B.
  • Bella M.
  • Warner S.
  • Sarah T.
  • Gabby N.

 Class Sponsors

  • Ms. Jenny Le
  • Mr. Isaac Messner

Class Administrator

  • Mr. Carlos Gonzalez

Freshman: Class of 2026

Class Officers

  • Addison F.
  • Paige G.
  • Tyler F.

Class Sponsors

  • Ms. Stacey Mitchell

Class Administrator

  • Mr. Ivan Aranha

SGA, SAC, and Class Elections

Important Election Information: please read first

General Information:

  • If you want to be in the SGA Student Leadership class, you will need to fill out the separate SGA Class application (coming soon). 
  • No one is guaranteed enrollment in the SGA class unless they are elected as an SGA officer. 
  • SGA officers are not the same thing as class officers (see below).

Who can run?

  • Any student in good standing may run for an office.

What elected positions and office are available?

  • Student Government Association Executive Board: 6 total spots
    • Five available spots for Rising Seniors (who have been in the SGA Class for at least one year prior to running)
    • One Rising Junior must also fill out the SGA class application (coming soon).
  • Student Advisory Committee (SAC):
    • Four delegates that meet with delegates from Fairfax County Public Schools once a month to discuss issues concerning the Fairfax County School Board. 
    • SAC is open to rising Juniors and Seniors. 
    • There are four available positions plus an alternate.
    • You may run for this AND Class Office OR SGA Office
  • Class Office Executive Board:
    • Represent your graduating class. 
    • Five available spots for each class executive board.
    • Students cannot run for both class office and SGA office. 

Election Interest Meeting

  • February 28, 2023
  • After school in A212 (SGA room)

SGA Elections

Candidacy Declaration Form and Election Submission Form

  • February 19th
  • submit through Google Classroom

Campaign Commercial or Speech and Headshot Picture

Headshot Picture

  • submit through Google classroom
  • due by February 19th

Campaign Commercial/Speech

  • submit through Google Classroom
  • due by March 15th 

Voting Through Google Classroom

  • Voting will be conducted through an Elections Google site
  • Student will use a Google Form to vote
  • Voting is open April 14th-16th

Results will be posted in Google Meet after school on April 16, 2021.