High School Student Services Staff


Director of Student Services

  Alka Howard C119 703-426-1040 ABHoward@fcps.edu


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A - Bre Janene Pack C124 703-426-1046 @email
Bri - Del  Deb Brown C125 703-426-1047 @email
Dem - Gra Pete Duperrouzel C130 703-426-1056 @email
Gre - Kav  Megan Cashman C131 703-426-1055 @email
Kaw - Mah  Lynn Carrera C135 703-426-1054 @email
Mai - Ngu Margaret Veenstra C136 703-426-1033 @email
Ngw - Ri  Sam Ramatowski C141 703-426-1050 @email
Ro - Ter Gary Ranallo C139 703-426-1051 GWRanallo@fcps.edu
Tes - Z  Lynda Samek-Smith C142 703-426-1053 @email
Transition Counselor Jacquie Naughton C133 703-426-1155 @email

Student Services Staff

Administrative Assistant/Registrar Bev Taylor C138 703-426-1040 @email
Student Information Assistant Sandy Coleman C137 703-426-1019 @email
College/Career Center Specialist Sandy Hunter L102 703-426-1192 @email
Transcripts Jackie Balough C138 703-426-1045 @email
Psychologist Mary Olsen C144 703-426-1137 @email
SBED Psychologist Carleen McKenzie C143 703-426-1052 @email
Social Worker Shanelle Highsmith C132 703-426-1064 @email
SBED Social Worker Elizabeth Mynar C143 703-426-1052 @email
System of Support Advisor (SOSA) Amy Soos B133 703-426-1134 @email
Assessment Coach Jennifer Bury C156 703-426-1028 jabury@fcps.edu
Testing Coordinator Heather Seelig C157 703-426-1090 @email
Special Projects Jackie Balough C138 703-426-1045 @email
Parent Liaison Myeong Watson C132 703-426-1018 @email
Parent Liaison Stella Zoccoli-Perez C132 703-426-1048 @email