We ❤ FCPS Legacy Families!

February 22, 2023


Beth Murphy is a second-grade teacher at Oak View Elementary, and her husband Todd teaches 7th grade science at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Their daughter Megan is a fourth-grade teacher at Crestwood Elementary. 

All three of them have spent time at Oak View. When Megan was a student there, her father was working there as a teacher. 



Paul Wardinski met his wife Anne at Marshall High School. Anne's brother was the DSA and Paul was the assistant DSA. Anne's brother had encouraged her to work at the school in the Student Services Office. 

Paul was also a marketing teacher. Anne had a degree in marketing, so he encouraged her to teach as well. The couple taught together, sharing the same room their first year.

Paul become an administrator and opened Marshall Academy before serving as principal at McLean and West Springfield high schools while Anne continued to teach.

After the couple had twins, Anne took some time off. When she returned to teaching, Paul retired, but he continued to work with DECA. After retiring a second time, Paul returned to the classroom last year, two days before the school year started, to help with the teacher shortage. 

Anne had come home saying she needed help. "I thought I was going to move a box or help with a bulletin board," Paul says. "Nope, she needed me to come out of retirement and teach marketing again. I came back after not being in the classroom for 25 years. We are now in year two of teaching together once again, just 8 feet across the hall from each other. We have been through a full circle as colleagues and a married couple."

Anne and Paul, who are now working at Lake Braddock Secondary School, are also both products of FCPS as are their twin daughters. 


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