2023 School Social Work Week

March 09, 2023

Camille Mountjoymountjoy

This is Ms. Mountjoy's second year in FCPS and her first year at LB! When not working, she enjoys going on walks, reading, spending time with her dog Peanut, and listening to music. She loves exploring new places and traveling to the beach! What does she love most about being a school social worker? "Simple... I love being able to provide a safe and supportive place for students to talk. I want my students to know they do not have to go through challenging times alone. I also love being able to celebrate the strengths of both my students and their families."

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Anna Ghafoorighafoori

This is Ms. Ghafoori's 2nd year with us at LB! Ms. Ghafoori loves to travel to tropical destinations, astrology, and cuddling with her cat, Lola! "I love building connections with students and providing them with a safe space to express themselves. If you need any support, please come see me in high school student services!" Thank you Ms. Ghafoori for all you do for us here at Lake Braddock!

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Nicole Whitewhite

This is Ms. White's 3rd year at LB working as the MS Social Worker. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from George Mason University. When not at work, she enjoys being outside, playing with her French Bulldog puppy (who is completely spoiled), and reading. She loves visiting the beach and the mountains. Her favorite part about her job is getting to know students and families. "I love learning about each person’s unique background and how their experiences have shaped them into who they are today." You can find Ms. White in the MS Student Serviced Suite! Thank you for all you do, Ms. White!

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