Middle School Special Education

Subject Administrator

Department Chair

Special Education - General Curriculum Staff

Special Education-Adaptive Curriculum Staff

Special Education - Adaptive Curriculum

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Resource Teachers

Audiologist Sheila Moore-Neff @email
Hearing Itinerant Kerri Acosta @email
Speech and  Language Lindsey Emami @email
Occupational Therapist Christie Dasher @email
Physical Therapist Melissa Casey @email
Physical Therapist Claudia Woodruff @email
Psychologist Walena Haider @email
Social Worker Elizabeth Mynar @email
Visual Impairment Teacher Tracey O'Malley @email
Assistive Technology Teacher Genie Yurgaites @email

If you would like to know more about special education services in Fairfax County Public Schools, please visit the FCPS Special Education Academic Overview webpage.

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