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Special Education - General Curriculum Department Staff

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Special Education - Adaptive Curriculum Staff

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Resource Teachers

Audiologist Sheila Moore-Neff @email
Hearing Itinerant Shelby Hersey @email
Speech and  Language Dr. Susanne Cook @email
Speech and Language Donna Isler @email
Occupational Therapist Dana McCormick @email
Physical Therapist Claudia Woodruff @email
Physical Therapist Melissa Casey @email
Psychologist Mary Olsen @email
Social Worker Elizabeth Mynar @email
Social Worker Diane Stansbery @email
Visual Impairment Teacher Tracey O’Malley @email
Visual Impairment Teacher Rebecca Peek @email
Assistive Technology Teacher Genie Yurgaites @email
Career and Transitions Services Kristen Morgan @email
Career and Transition Services Katie Radda @email

Description of the Lake Braddock High School SPECIAL EDUCATION program. Special Education teachers provide a range of services for students with documented disabilities. The Individual Education Plan developed for each student determines student needs and services required.

SAT Local Application Form for Requesting College Board Accommodations The information from the local application form will be utilized to electronically file your request to the College Board by Lake Braddock’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator. 

Local Application Form

ACT Services for Students with Disabilities ACT’s downloadable applications to test with accommodations Information provide several different options

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