Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Facts!

Our Vision and Mission

At Lake Braddock Secondary School, our collective vision is to help every student succeed at his/her maximum potential; to function as a Professional Learning Community (PLC); and to establish an environment that fosters responsibility, integrity, respect, commitment, and service to others. Lake Braddock's instructional programs are designed to empower students to be academically competitive in a constantly changing world. Our school curriculum is committed to helping our diverse student body discover talents, increase competence, develop imagination, and expand academic and personal horizons. These instructional programs are based on the philosophy that teachers employ a variety of methods to meet the needs of every student and create an environment in which learning is active and personalized.

We Believe:

  • All students are able to learn
  • Students learn differently
  • Students should be actively engaged in the learning process
  • Learning should be inclusive
  • Learning should be relevant

We Commit to:

  • A safe and positive learning environment
  • A Collaborative Culture; e.g., PLC teams, vertical and horizontal articulation, etc.
  • Differentiation of instruction to accommodate multiple and diverse learning styles
  • Utilization of technology to enhance instruction; e.g., eCART
  • Utilization of Best Educational Practices
  • Continuous school improvement

Our Goals:

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Facts About Our School

As a result of a multimillion-dollar renovation, Lake Braddock offers students an education in state-of-the-art classrooms in which technology supports a commitment to academic excellence. Lake Braddock Secondary School operates on the basic premises of academic excellence, discipline, creativity, and high expectations. Housed in one of four secondary schools in Fairfax County, Lake Braddock middle school students are grouped into teams of approximately 125 students. We practice and embrace the middle school team approach to monitoring student achievement. A guidance counselor, one teacher for each core subject area, and a learning disabilities resource teacher are assigned to each team of students. The teachers and guidance counselors get to know their students well.

Lake Braddock's SAT scores are above the national average, and over 80 percent of the students attend four-year colleges. Advanced Placement courses are offered in every major discipline. The guidance department enhances the efforts of teachers by monitoring student academic progress, consulting with parents, promoting college and career counseling, providing support groups and peer mediation programs, implementing testing obligations, and establishing mentoring opportunities. An extensive and varied electives program expands concepts presented in core classes and offers opportunities for exploration in the fine and practical arts. Extracurricular, community, and athletic activities allow students to explore interests and grow socially. Many programs have a volunteer component to support additional exploration in other interests and social growth. Lake Braddock Secondary School is a school in which the dream for success for all students becomes a reality.