SAT School Day


LBSS Seniors, Parents, and Guardians - 

Please read the LBSS SAT School Day Information letter prior to the September 23, 2020 SAT test date. It contains information on:

  • when and where to report
  • what to bring
  • what not to bring
  • health and safety protocols

Please review the list of FAQs below for additional detailed information. 

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Jennifer Bury, LBSS Assessment Coordinator.

2020 SAT School Day: Student Guide

The SAT Student Guide has information about testing, test-taking tips, and a practice test. 

When/where is the SAT School Day test?

The SAT School Day will be given on September 23, 2020 at Lake Braddock SS during the school day.

Students will receive an email with their room assignments, specific entry wave time, and assigned entrances next Friday, September 18. It will be sent to their account.

In order to prevent overcrowding at the entrances, students will be assigned an “entry wave” time, spaced in 10-minute intervals between 7:30 a.m. and 8:10 a.m. Please arrive at school at your student’s assigned entry time. Security will be out front to direct you to a parking area to wait until it is time for your student to enter. Students driving themselves should park on the library side. Parents dropping students off should park on the field side and wait in the car with their student until their assigned entry time.

Getting student into the testing environment in a safe and efficient manner is of utmost importance. We have over 355 students testing on that day and each student will need to respond individually and verbally to ten questions on a health screening questionnaire administered by staff members. This will be a very time-consuming process.

Do I have to register to take this test with College Board?

For the September 23rd, 2020 SAT School Day test, students were not required to register with the College Board. Students had until September 11, 2020 to sign up for the test with LBSS. 

How long is the test?

The SAT School Day test is 4 hours and 15 minutes long (students with College Board-approved extended time will test longer). Students testing with standard time will be done around 1:00PM. Students testing with 50% extended time will be done around 3:00PM.

What should my student bring to school for the SAT School Day test?

Please note: We will not lend pencils or calculators to students due to health concerns.

  • Face mask; no students will be permitted without one.
  • Multiple #2 pencils; no mechanical pencils. 
  • Picture ID. Here is a list of acceptable ID from College Board. Please note that last year’s LBSS school ID with picture is fine as well.
  • SAT approved calculator. If your student needs to borrow one, please let me know as we have a few in the testing office. Calculators cannot be borrowed on the day of the test.
  • Snacks and water.
  • Hand sanitizer (optional). Please note that students are not allowed to wear gloves or face shields while testing.
  • Patience. We have a lot of students to get in the building safely and with proper health screenings. This is the first time most of us have been around other people in 6 months so be patient and kind to one another.
  • Please do not bring backpacks. The above items should be placed in a clear Ziploc-like bag like you would for Saturday SAT testing.

What is prohibited from testing?

You may NOT bring any electronic “smart” device such as a cell phone, laptop, or wearable technology like a Smart Watch or Fitbit. Please leave these items in your car or at home.

Is food allowed?

Fairfax County will be providing a grab and go breakfast and lunch option for all students. Snacks are allowed to be eaten during scheduled breaks. We request that snacks are peanut-free and carried in a clear Ziplock bag.

I said yes for school transportation. How do I know what time the bus will pick me up?

If you indicated that you will need FCPS transportation, you will be hearing soon from the FCPS Transportation Services.

How can my student prepare for the SAT School Day?

The SAT Student Guide, which includes a practice test, is linked above.  The College Board has also partnered with Khan Academy to provide online practice: Official SAT® Practice. Please also visit the SAT School Day Terms and Conditions. You can find more practice sites linked at the bottom of the infographic.

What procedures are being followed to safety of students?

SAT, ACT, and PSAT Health and Safety Protocols – Please read the information provided on this site. This page gives you information about how the procedures will be followed at schools to ensure safety of students and staff.

Students will receive an email through their accounts regarding the check-in process, entrance and testing room assignments, and what to bring (and what not to bring). Parents/guardians are not permitted in the building and should remain in their cars. Only students taking an exam may wait in the check-in line.

We also ask that students do not socialize in the parking lot or in the building. Social distancing and mask-wearing needs to be practiced at all times on the school property. If students choose to eat a snack during a break, they must do so quickly and put their mask back on as soon as they are finished.

How can my student apply for testing accommodations for the SAT?

The College Board’s deadline for SAT accommodation requests was August 7th, 2020.  Any student who has College Board approved accommodations will receive the appropriate accommodations on test day.  Please be aware that students with an extended time accommodation will finish testing later.  Additionally, students testing with MP3 audio will test over 2 days. For questions about the College Board accommodation request process, please contact our Services for Students with Disabilities Coordinator, Amy Haughton.

When will my student receive SAT School Day scores?

Scores should be available online to students through their free College Board accounts around mid-October. Students can view scores via College Board. Students who do not currently have a College Board account will need to create one to view scores.  Students should use their personal email (not accounts) to create their CB account.

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