Transcript Information and Recommendation Requests

Seniors: Start here to request your transcripts.

Please note, you must complete both the transcript request form and the consent to release records form. Click the buttons below to access each form.

Questions: Please contact Ms. Hashmi or scroll down to review the information on this page. 

Transcript Request Information

Please complete this Google Form to request transcripts.

Consent to Release Records Information

Please drop off the form in the high school Student Services office.


Please review the information below to learn about the transcript request process for current and former LBSS students. 

For assistance and to submit forms, please contact:

General Information

  • Transcripts cannot be released until students drop off the Consent for Release of Student Records form at Student Services in C138. 
  • There is a fee of $5.00 per transcript.
  • Parents can pay for requests through their student’s My School Bucks account. Go to the School Store and search “transcript”.
  • Underclassmen, please use the former student transcript request form, not the Senior only form.
  • Should you need to make any changes to an existing transcript request (i.e. deadline change, withdrawal of request) please contact Ms. Hashmi directly at 703-426-1045

Transcript Request Schedule

  • Requests should be submitted according to the following schedule to meet the required deadlines. LBSS cannot guarantee on-time delivery for request received after the deadlines indicated below.
  • Access the schedule here: College Transcript Deadline
Transcript Request

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Current Students

Transcripts Release Request Instructions and Forms for:

Graduated/Attended Within the last 5 Years (includes current Underclassmen)

Graduated/Attended More Than 5 years Ago

Student records are kept at Lake Braddock Secondary School for 5 years. To obtain records from over 5 years ago, please complete the FCPS Online Student Records Request.

Recommendation Requests

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Additional Forms and Requests 

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