LBSS Student Creates Inspiring Murals Throughout LBSS

February 02, 2021

Murals at Lake Braddock

Congratulations to LB student, Jessica H., for completing her Eagle Scout project this past week. Here is Jessie's story:

I was inspired to create multiple murals for my Eagle project after seeing other schools and what they had on their walls.  I wanted to do something that would brighten the hallways of Lake Braddock and make it a more exciting, inviting and inspiring place.  It was hard narrowing down my ideas with available locations in the school and also time restrictions.  I started working on ideas for this project last spring and created a business flocking peoples yards in order to cover all of the expenses of my project.  Usually an Eagle project would take place over a weekend or two, but due to Covid limitations I had to revise that plan and was able to complete the project by going in every Monday since September for a total of 350 volunteer hours.  I was able to have a total of 4 people in the building at a time.  I am grateful to everyone who volunteered their time to help with my project:  Jenny Hosken, Dennis Hosken, Erica Hosken, Emma Kate Allman, Audrey DeVore, Ethan Duke, Maddie Duke, Caitlyn Kennedy, Samantha Lauer, Abby Morris, Olivia Preston & Kiersten Schmitt.

Each mural has its own story and here is why I selected them: 

I am in band and have really enjoyed my opportunities in the Performing Arts department. I wanted "Create" to be bright, exciting and reflect the multifaceted opportunities for Lake Braddock students. I loved the quote for "Today" and wanted it to be in a location where it would be highly visible and a positive reminder for everyone.

Since I was little I have enjoyed STEAM activities ranging from the Science & Engineering festival to the Kings Park & Kings Glen STEAM night and even had STEAM themed birthday parties.  I wanted to reflect that excitement with something colorful in the science wing.

Both bears, the one in the front hall and the one by the lecture hall, were an important part of my project because I wanted to share school spirit & pride in being a Bruin.  

The "Mountains" mural encompasses not only where you currently are, the coordinates around the compass are for Lake Braddock, and the mountains are there to reflect where you are going because education prepares you for the future and that can be anything you want it to be.  'Be Prepared' is the Scouts BSA motto and by heeding that advice you really can do anything you set your mind to do.  This project is something I have thought about doing for a long time and ever since the Boy Scouts of America opened to girls in 2019 I knew I wanted to be an Eagle Scout.  Being able to complete this project for my school community and helping me complete that goal has been an amazing experience.    

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