LBSS Capstone Team Receives Excellence Award

October 20, 2021

The Lake Braddock Secondary School Grade 8 Bruins In Action (BIA) Capstone Team of Teachers includes 15 educators and professionals working within an array of departments throughout the school. This innovative group is integral to the success of the Capstone that celebrates the culmination of middle school for Lake Braddock’s 8th grade students. In addition to the Instructional Support Team (which also includes the two middle school librarians), the middle school departments associated with the success of the BIA Capstone include English, Math, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies and Student Services. An audacious undertaking such as the BIA Capstone can only be accomplished with the talents and dedication of a team that resembles this one. Congratulations to this team!  

  • Daniel Callahan, Randy Cayea, Jennifer Cortesi, Michael Edwards, J. Carin Frank, Lorie Ward, Denisse Gordon, Dana Gorman, Niki L. Holmes, Carolyn Hilyard, Courtney Klein, James Mroz, Kasey Reagan, Diane Rogers, and Justin Toney