LBMS Participates in the Red Sand Project

Good News Bruins
April 11, 2018

On Friday, April 6th, middle school students participated in an assembly supporting the Red Sand Project. Mr. Agner's Teachers for Tomorrow students have organized this event for the past 2 years after learning about the project from LBMS student Mallory Agner. 

From Mr. Agner:

The Red Sand Project is the idea of Molly Gochman. We walk by the cracks in our path every day without paying them any attention. Molly had the idea of filling in the sidewalk cracks with red sand. Today we are noticing the unnoticed. We pass right next to people in our life every day without paying attention to them and their struggles. We can make a safer place to live and learn. We can prevent anyone from falling through the cracks.  

More information about the Red Sand Project can be found at and on Twitter, using the hashtag #redsandproject.