alka howard

Alka Howard

Director, Student Services, HS

Subject Administrator: HS  Student Services (Counselors, Career Center Specialist, Clinical Staff, Testing  Team, Registrar, SIA, and Transcript Assistant), MS/HS Performing Arts

  •    Education     
    • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Averett University         
    • Master of Science in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University  
    • Admin & Supervision Certification from Towson University 


  • Experience                    
    • Middle School and High School Director      
    • High School Counselor       
    • ESOL Adult Ed teacher  


  • Additional Information  
    • Ms. Howard believes that counselors at LBSS play an integral role in helping all students achieve academic & personal success and teachers at LBSS are dedicated to establishing strong working relationships with students to bring out their maximum academic potential.     
    • Ms. Howard is honored to be serving the Lake Braddock community. She is looking forward to working with the faculty, students and parents of Lake Braddock this year!