Saturday SAT Information


Saturday SAT Dates and General Information
  • Saturday, March 13 and June 5, 2021
  • 7:15am at Lake Braddock Secondary School
  • All students will enter in through door 1 at the front of LBSS. 

**Please note: All students must wear a mask for the entire test**

What should the student bring?

Please note: We will not lend pencils or calculators to students due to health concerns.

  • Face mask; no students will be permitted without one.
  • Multiple #2 pencils; no mechanical pencils. 
  • Picture ID. Here is a list of acceptable ID from College Board. Please note that last year’s LBSS school ID with picture is fine as well.
  • SAT approved calculator. If your student needs to borrow one, please let me know as we have a few in the testing office. Calculators cannot be borrowed on the day of the test.
  • Snacks and water.
  • Hand sanitizer (optional). Please note that students are not allowed to wear gloves or face shields while testing.
  • Patience. We have a lot of students to get in the building safely and with proper health screenings. Please be patient and kind to one another.

The above items should be placed in a clear Ziploc-like bag. 

What is prohibited from testing?

You may NOT bring any electronic “smart” device, including:

  • cell phone
  • laptop
  • wearable technology like a Smart Watch or Fitbit

Please do not bring backpacks. Please leave these items in your car or at home. 

How long is the test?

The SAT School Day test is 4 hours and 15 minutes long (students with College Board-approved extended time will test longer). 

  • Students testing with standard time will be done around 1:00PM.
  • Students testing with 50% extended time will be done around 3:00PM.

Is food allowed?

Students can bring water & a small snack to be consumed during breaks.

Do I have to register?