Students will be issued a locker in their subschool and will be asked to sign an agreement for the use of that locker. Lockers will be issued when the emergency care card, address update form and bus regulation form have been signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school. Lockers are used for the personal storage of books and clothing, and students assume responsibility for the care of lockers, books and belongings. Lockers are school property, and the principal or designee may open lockers in the presence of a witness to examine the contents when there is reason to believe that the locker contains drugs, weapons, stolen property, unsafe, or other unauthorized materials. Lockers should not be shared unless requested by administration. It is important that students not share their combination with anyone for any reason. If there is a locker problem, the student should see the subschool secretary.

How to Open Your Locker:

1. Turn right two whole turns and stop at your first number.

2. Then turn left one whole turn past your first number and stop at your middle number.

3. Now turn right and stop at your last number.


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