Back to School Orientation for Families


Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Updated 9/11/20: Please view the Back to School messages from Dr. Brabrand, FCPS Superintendent, Dr. Smith, LBSS Principal, and the members of the FCPS School board. 

2020 Back to School message from Dr. Brabrand

2020 Back to School message from Dr. Smith

Welcome messages from the FCPS School Board Members

Meet Your Teachers and Administrators

Click the links below to view a welcome video from individual Lake Braddock middle school and high school teachers. You can also access each teacher's syllabus using the links below. Use the link below to connect with the Lake Braddock Administration team.  

Please Note: You will need to be logged into your ParentView account to access the teacher's syllabus links. 

Connect with the Lake Braddock Administration Team

Meet the Middle School teachers

Meet the High School Teachers

LBSS Shared Vision

Now that you've met the "who" of Lake Braddock on our Teacher and Administrator webpages, learn more about the "why" of Lake Braddock. Use the link below to visit the interactive Shared Vision presentation and website. 

Shared Vision Interactive Presentation

Shared Vision webpage

Return to Learn:Essential Information

Click the link to access Lake Braddock's Return to Learn: Essential Information webpage. Here you will find information on the 2020-2021 school day:

  • Bell Schedule
  • Purple and Gold calendar
  • Return to School forms
  • Student Expectations
  • Attendance
  • High School New Student orientation
  • Middle School Orientation
  • Parent Virtual Learning resources
  • And more!

Return to Learn: Essential Information

High School and Middle School Student Services

The Student Services departments are here to support each student throughout their time at Lake Braddock. Students can connect with their school counselor through Student Services. Click the links below to learn more about each department. 

Welcome page for Middle School Student Services

High School Student Services

Parent Virtual Learning Resources and Support

Visit the site below to learn about virtual learning support for families, digital resources, access to SIS, and more. 

Parent Academy

Parents and families are an integral part of the LBSS community. Your involvement and your input are important to LBSS, as is keeping parents and families up to date with school news. Use the links below to connect with Parent Resources designed to keep you informed, connected, and involved.

Parent Resources

Learn more about the LBSS Parent Academy, FCPS and LBSS Parent Support Resources, and ways to get involved in the LBSS community.

Connect with the LBSS Community

Learn more about the LBSS PTSA, Booster Clubs, and Parent Groups.

LBSS Athletics and Activities

Learn about the many ways Lake Braddock Bruins excel at sports, theater, debate and more. The links will take you to the official LBSS Athletics website with all the latest athletics news, and the Activities link will connect you with information on the clubs, groups, and activities available to LBSS students. 

Lake Braddock Athletics

Lake Braddock Activities

Get Connected with the Bruin Community

There are many ways for Bruin families to get involved and stay connected with all things Lake Braddock. Click the links below to learn more about two great ways to get involved and stay connected. 


LBSS Parent, Teacher, and Student Association

Join the LBSS PTSA and get involved in the many activities and programs they support and host.

Lake Braddock News You Choose

Stay up to date with the latest news specifically from LBSS.