Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my counselor? 

Counselors are available by email from 7:30 to 3:00

How do I make a schedule change? 

If you would like to make a schedule change, the first step is to discuss the possible change with your counselor by making an appointment. As students sign up for classes in February/March, staff is hired for the following school year based on student course selection. Changes in the beginning of the school year are made on a limited basis based on individual student's needs. Specific teacher requests are not honored.

What do I do if I'm not doing well in class or have personal issues that I need to discuss with an adult? 

Counselors have many resources to assist students struggling with academics and/or personal issues. The first step is to stop by the counselor's office and discuss the concerns. Counselors are trained to work with each student to help them achieve academic and personal success.

How do I register for summer school? 

Information is posted to the Fairfax County Public Schools Web site ( ) in May of each year. Please consult with your counselor before making plans for summer school.

How do I register for Adult Education classes? 

Please consult with your counselor if you are interested in signing up for Adult Education classes.

Can I receive high school credit for middle school courses? 

Yes, you can receive high school credit for middle school courses. Your counselor will have more information

How is my grade point average computed? 

Detailed information on Grade-Point Average is available in the LBSS Course Offerings Book .

My family and I have moved. But, we are still in the Lake Braddock Boundary area. How can I change my address?

Contact the Registrar in the HS Counseling Services Office (703-426-1040). You will need to verify your new address by showing us your deed or lease. If you and your parents are living with relatives or friends, and do not have a deed or lease in your names, please request a residency affidavit form from the Registrar.

My family and I moved out of Lake Braddock boundaries and I'll need to register at my new school. What do I need to do? 

Students should see the registrar in the Student Services Office for detailed information on the withdrawal procedures and the forms they'll need to complete.

I live with one parent, but how can my other parent get copies of my grades and other school information? 

Your parent should contact the HS Student Services Office and ask to receive an extra copy of interims and report cards. Parents can get useful information about school activities by signing up for Keep In Touch ( ) and the PTSA newsletter (

How can I apply for ACT and SAT testing accommodations?

ACT’s downloadable applications to test with accommodations Information provide several different options.

The information from the SAT local application form will be utilized to electronically file your request to the College Board by Lake Braddock’s Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Coordinator. 

SAT Local Application Form for Requesting College Board Accommodations (pdf)

How can I get a copy of my current transcript? 

Current students, please email Jackie Balough, High School Student Services Transcript Assistant

Former students (if you withdrew or graduated within the past five years):

Print the appropriate form and mail it and your payment to:

Lake Braddock Secondary School Attn:Transcripts 9200 Burke Lake Rd Burke , VA 22015

If you withdrew or graduated more than five years ago: Contact Wilton Woods Student Records Archive, at 703.329.7666 for detailed recording of what you need to provide to order transcripts or call 703.329.7741 to speak to the registrar. Print form and send payment (cash, check or money order) payable to FCPS. 

Fairfax County Public Schools Attention: Registrar 3701 Franconia Road Alexandria, VA 22310