All visitors must report directly to the main office. A school official must escort all visitors to their destination during school hours. Students may not bring visitors to school. The office interrupts classes only to deliver messages to students in case of extreme emergency. 

Students, if your parent brings something to the office for you, it is your responsibility to stop by the office to get it.

Observation Guidelines for Lake Braddock Secondary School

The following guidelines have been developed in order to maintain a safe and secure learning environment at Lake Braddock Secondary School.  Any visitor is a guest of LBSS and is under the authority of the building principal.

  • Parents/guardians must contact the appropriate subschool assistant principal in advance to arrange a mutually agreed upon date and time to observe in the school setting.  Please provide specific reasons for the visit to assure the observation is productive and appropriate.  Permission is required in order to arrange the observation.
  • The building principal or assistant principal reserves the right to refuse or decline an observation or visit if it is deemed inappropriate or if it is believed the observation may cause a disruption to the educational environment.
  • Observations are set for a limited amount of time not to exceed 30 minutes per month.  This will assure a limited amount of disruption and distraction for the students and teachers.  If the parent/guardian would like to complete more than one visit/observation, he/she must seek permission from the student’s subschool principal.
  • The assistant principal or principal’s designee will be present during all observations.
  • If a parent wishes to bring another visitor/observer with him/her, permission must be sought from the subschool assistant principal.  Other family members, consultants/advocates, therapists, and/or other professionals visiting must be approved by the subschool assistant principal.
  • No pictures, videotaping, or electronic devices will be allowed during the observation.
  • Shadowing of LBSS students is not permitted.
  • Visitors are required to check in at the main office and be escorted through the building. 


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