High School Clubs

Club/Activity Description Meetings Location/Additional Information


Robert Irelan


To discuss current astronomy and engineering news as well as share club member amateur astronomy observations. Once at the end of each month H232

Animal CARE Club

Theresa Charles


To educate people and make the community aware of animals in need. To provide students interested in helping animals with a place to learn about and complete service activities for the welfare of animals. See Sponsor J103

Black Student Association

Sonja Curry-Johnson


To promote African-American awareness, to increase cultural understanding of African-Americans, to promote good will and to assist within the Mondays B229

B.R.A.V.E. Book Club

Susan Howard


Kat Frazier


To foster positive attitudes towards reading and expose students to a wide variety of literature that may not be covered in class due to the time constraints and syllabus requirements.




Bruin Ambassadors Club


To assist new students in becoming an integral part of the Bruin community.


Tuesdays                                                 Twitter:  @LBambassadors H212

Bruin Athletic Partnership Club

Heather Finch


An inclusive club for students to discuss and promote athletic growth for individuals with disabilities, and to learn how to interact with individuals with disabilities and instruct students with disabilities. See Sponsor for Details J219

Bruin Buddies Partners Club

Anna Kvartunas


To combine general education and special education students in a fun and welcoming environment so as to unify all members of our school and create strong and lasting friendships. Thursdays.                                                 Twitter @lbbruinbuddies B101/JROTC Room

Bruin Habitat Club

Erin Fisher


A club to raise awareness of housing issues in community through charitable actions. We will also focus on providing a place to promote leadership and community service opportunities for students.

See Sponsor for Details J225

Bruins Minds Matter

Homaira Ibrahimi


Janene Pack


Mary Olson



To encourage students and to raise awareness of mental health by promoting help-seeking behavior, social-connections, self-care and healthy habits. Tuesday & Thursday (subject to change) H214

Chess Club

David Walrod


A place to learn, watch, and play chess. See Sponsor for Details  

CPP (College Partnership Program)

Margaret Veenstra


College Partnership Program’s program goals are to increase the academic achievement of students and to increase the number of students particularly first generation and minority students, who enroll in CPP and succeed in college. The CPP creates opportunities for students to successfully navigate the home, school, college, and work continuum. Participating colleges and universities sponsor a variety of activities to increase students’ and parents’ knowledge and understanding of higher education programs and college life and to enhance students’ motivation for higher academic achievement. Mondays-Once a Month Lecture Hall or Large side of Cafeteria

Creative Writing Club

Sonja Curry Johnson


Members will meet to share original pieces, receive feedback, and explore creative writing. See Sponsor B229

Cyber Security Club

Tom McLarney


To inspire students toward careers in cybersecurity or other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines critical to our nation’s future. See Sponsor for Details A212

Digital Arts Club includes Cartooning Club

Michael Feeney


Learn about making art on the computer, how to use a variety of 2D and 3D digital art programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sculptris and Blender, have fun and meet new people! Purple Day Mondays (check Blackboard) Twitter  @digiartclub B216

DIY Club

Maureen Goble


A crafty club for students to learn how to make "do-it-yourself" crafts for fun. Varies (Tuesday/Thursdays) A205

Doctors of Tomorrow

Mary Donovan @email


To provide a community in which high school students can explore and immerse themselves in the medical field. We speak with medical professionals and participate in service projects to assist those in the hospital. See sponsor for details M128


Tony DiBari


Provide students with the opportunity to learn about, discuss, and experience aspects of Ethiopian/Eritrean culture. See Sponsor for Details See Sponsor for Details

Fishing Interest Club

Mr. Eichelberger



Dedicated to help students learn about and discuss fishing techniques, locations, equipment, and more. See Sponsor for Details See Sponsor for Details

French Club

Lauren Hurst


To enjoy various aspects of French and francophone culture, including holiday celebrations and traditional food. No set schedule: See sponsor for Details C206

Frisbee Interest Club

Thom Prassa


To interact and discuss all aspects of Frisbee. Mondays & Wednesdays C174

Gender & Sexuality Association/GSA

Sarah Zaniello


Carleen McKenzie


Mary Olson


A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-run club, which provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia. See Sponsor for Details



German Club

Sarah Zaniello


Monthly or quarterly events that include food, games, videos and music See Sponsor for Details C212

Global Relations Club

Need Sponsor

A discussion based club that will hold forums on issues regarding current events and the global economy. See Sponsor for Details  

Green Club

Susan Demsko


Students will develop an awareness of how their everyday activities impact their environment. Students will explore and devise sustainable solutions to current environmental concerns within the LBSS/Burke community. See Sponsor for Details J232

Herpetology Club

Mark Khosravi


Learn about reptiles! Mondays A201

Hindu Students Association


To provide a close knit community for Hindu Students, educate others about the culture and the religion, and help better the community through service work    

Hispanic Student Association

Alicia Del Barrio




To unite, educate, and empower the Latino community through awareness. To bring together students who share similar backgrounds or are interested in learning about the culture. Tuesday/Thursdays Once a Month C201/C225/C207

Japanese Club

Yuki Melvin

Enjoy various aspects of Japanese traditional and contemporary culture. Once a month (2nd or 3rd Thursday) C204

Key Club

Julie Evans


Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. Every other Tuesday Lecture Hall

Korean Culture Club

Samual Pak


To spread diversity at LBSS by introducing many different aspects of the Korean culture to the general student body through meetings, discussions, and cultural events. See Sponsor for Details See Sponsor



Latin Club

Cheri Miller


Latin club promotes the love and appreciation of the Latin language and Ancient Roman culture. See Sponsor for Details C218

LB Christian Clubs - Christian Fellowship Group

Linda Alvarez



The Christian Fellowship Club is a welcoming place for all students to explore the Christian faith through Bible study, discussions, and fellowship. CFC also participates in community outreach and service projects.

Every other Monday.    Twitter  @lbsscfc


Chinese Culture Club

Mrs. Shaddy

Learn about traditional and modern Chinese Culture. see sponsor for details  

Liberty In North Korea "LINK"

Theresa Viswanathan


To promote awareness of North Korea crisis, provide service to benefit the situation and participate in events pertaining to the cause. See sponsor for details H125

Literary Magazine "Smoke Signals"

Sonja Curry-Johnson


PUBLICATIONS - LIT MAGAZINE **Please see sponsor for details See sponsor for details B229

Magic the Gathering & Dungeons and Dragons (MTGDND)

Corey Wright


Connecting with others who share a similar interest in DnD or MTG, learn to greater understand the games at hand, and have fun! Tuesdays H213

Military Ambassador's Club

Jennifer Iverson


Provides incoming military children contacts and potential peer mentor to make their transition to LBSS a success. Monthly - Thursdays J228

Model United Nations

Karen Kratz


Model UN is a student run organization that simulates the United Nations by debate, student leadership, and resolution of problems. Members compete at conferences both locally and nationally. Also, students compete both individually and as a team by representing a chosen country. See Sponsor for details H211


Eileen Fox


To provide an opportunity for students to play and compete in the fast growing Esports arena. See sponsor for details H202

Muslim Student Association

Fauzia Farouq


To create a positive awareness of Muslim student body at LBSS. To discuss, learn, develop confidence and participate in activities involving Islam. Mondays H128

Performing Arts Interest Club

Mark Khosravi


To provide a safe and fun environment for students to share their talents, get helpful feedback, and learn about performing arts. See sponsor for Details A201

Philanthropy Club

Lisa Williams


Bruin Philanthropy Club is dedicated to coming up with ways for students to have a positive effect on society and to help students make meaningful changes by helping those in need. See sponsor for Details L211

Philosophy Club

Andrea LaRoche


To hold group discussions around philosophical ideologies and how such apply to life today. A place to give students an outlet to craft and voice their own philosophies through discussion and analysis. See sponsor for Details


Political Activism Club


A club to meet and discuss the political climate and issues we care about. A place to learn about activism events that are four our community.    

Ready. Set. Code

Eva Anderson


A computer programming club that allows students to share and explore programming languages, programming design, and programming application, such as cyber security, app design, and game design. Every other Monday H224

Red Cross Club

Paul Dean


Students will be educated in safety, disaster preparedness and health related diseases. Students will raise awareness by participating in projects/activities that works with the American Red Cross to fulfill humanitarian missions. Monthly - Fridays H102

Athletic Training

Kristyn Wharton


  See sponsor for details  

Science Olympiad Club

Middle School: Jen Cortesi


High School: Emily Owens


Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically-literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers. These goals are achieved by participating in Science Olympiad tournaments and non-competitive events, incorporating Science Olympiad into classroom curriculum and attending teacher training institutes See sponsor for details H107

Science Research Club

Maureen Goble


Science Research Club is designed to help direct students and with science research for the science fair or other science competitions. See sponsor for details A205

Young Conservatives

Kathy D'Elosua


To help promote the expression of individual views throughout the Lake Braddock student body and to discuss political issues in a welcoming space.

Instagram: LBYCC

See sponsor for details


Social Entrepreneurship Club

Miriam Lynch


The purpose of this club is to educate interested LBSS student in ways that social entrepreneurship and microfinance can benefit global poverty. Members will learn about global poverty, economics, credit, and how small loans, microfinance and social entrepreneurship can change people's lives for the better

See sponsor for details


Super Smash Brothers

Eileen Fox



A place to play Super Smash Brothers together and engage in friendly competition between members. Thursdays H202

Young Democrats

Clayton Allen


To facilitate student engagement in the political process through learning and activism in a group setting in order to create a well informed student body and future electorate. See sponsor for details P121

Vietnamese Student Association

RL Andrews


A club dedicated to exploring, learning about, and discussing Vietnamese culture. VSA’s mission is to honor, cherish, and keep alive Vietnamese tradition. First Monday of each month See sponsor

Women in Government

Duane Hyland


To encourage, inform, and promote students to consider their potential in government and to increase students' knowledge about American Administration. See sponsor for details B213

Women for STEM

Ms. Erickson


To inspire young girls to pursue STEM related careers and to explore a shared interest and discuss women in STEM. See sponsor for details See sponsor for details


Chemistry Olympiad       

Ms. Jain


The main purpose of this club is to promote and teach chemistry, with a secondary purpose of helping students prepare for Chemistry Olympiad competitions. See sponsor for details See sponsor for details

Filipino Association 

Ms. Moore


The Filipino Student Association clubs brings together the Filipino student population at many other people from different cultures. We will talk about the culture and tradition, in efforts to benefit the impoverished population; ultimately, make their day better See sponsor for details See sponsor for details


Mrs. Krishnaswamy


Explore the principles of STEM while building teamwork and creativity, through engineering and design challenges and activities. See sponsor for details See sponsor for details