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NON-LATE BUS DAYS Ms. Bryan Various classrooms Sept. 27 Wednesday Friday 2:50pm - 5:00pm On non-late bus days, students should arrange meeting with their classroom teachers prior to staying after. A handful of clubs will meet. Please stay current with W/F club announcements. Various Rooms: sign-up in classroom.
ACADEMIC  SUPPORT & ENRICHMENT Various teachers Various classrooms Sept. 25

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Varies by teacher Students will work with classroom teachers on academic support and enrichment. They may also use this as an opportunity to make up missed work. See your classroom teachers to find out detailed information about their after school schedule.


Not in Session

Ms. Sham

Ms. Swenson

        This club is split up into 2 sessions. One session will be pick-up basketball. The second session will be weight training and strengthening. Upon signing up, students are expected to participate in BOTH sessions. Sign up outside of the gym locker rooms. Space is limited. ***Students must submit a weight training permission form***

Mr. Baskin

M120 Oct. 10 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the Month

2:50pm - 4:40pm  

Come learn about the history and culture of people of African descent. Feel comfortable in your own skin! Report to M120 after school to sign up.


Not in Session

Ms. Johnson      


Bruins Rock is a play on the worldwide campaign Kindness Rocks. In this club we will decorate rocks and then spend the remaining time hiding them around Lake Braddock. A fun way to connect LB to the community and also allow students to spread some happiness while expressing themselves creatively! Sign up in the cafeteria (Faculty Dining Room) after school on the day you are attending.
BRUINS BUDDIES Mr. Capllonch Various Classrooms Oct. 26 1X per Month (Thursday) 2:50pm - 4:40pm If you enjoy building new friendships over baking cookies, decorating Halloween masks, dancing and much more, Bruin Buddies is the club for you! Club members will work with our students that have intellectual and developmental disabilities and promote awareness. Report to the meeting location (stay up-to-date with announcements as location will change) after school to sign up.
BUILDERS CLUB Mr. Purdy M140 Sept. 26 Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm The Middle School’s very own Key Club service program! Builders Club is a student-led organization whose goal is to encourage leadership through helping others. Report to M140 after school to sign up.
MS CHEER CLUB Ms. Morgan Cafeteria Mid-Nov Tuesday Wednesday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Bruin Cubs ADVANCED Cheerleading Squad. Students will learn a higher caliber set of chants, cheers as well as dances, cheering for Freshman home Basketball games, and performing at events. Dedication, discipline, and genuine interest in the sport are required. Report to the cafeteria to sign up.
CHILL ZONE Ms. Bryan Cafeteria Sept. 26 Monday Tuesday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Students can come relax in the cafeteria after school. Snacks will be provided upon sign-in. Come work on homework, sit and chat with friends, play board games, card games, read a book, or just CHILL… Sign up in the cafeteria after school on the day you wish to attend.


Not in Session

Ms. Miller

Ms. Vargas Claros

        Do you like cupcakes? Come on out to Cupcake Club to master your cupcake baking skills! Peace, love and cupcakes! Sign up in the cafeteria during MS lunches. Due to limited space there will be 15 slots per lunch. Students may sign up on a week to week basis to get in.
CYBER SECURITY CLUB Mr. McLarney A212 Sept. 28 Monday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm We deal with cyber security through learning about cryptography, programming, networking, and digital forensics to name a few topics we explore. We enter several hacking competitions throughout the year. All skill levels are welcome from newb to black hat hackers.  **Small fee associated with certain club competitions. Report to A212 after school to sign up.
DIGITAL ART CLUB Mr. Feeney B216 Oct. 2 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm If you have a love for all arts, especially animation, game design, movie making and graphic design, Digital Art Club is for you! Our club exposes students to various forms of digital art, and enable them to create whatever they want to in whatever art form they choose. We seek to do this through group collaboration and peer learning. We hope to create a space students can come together to work on projects or start projects on their own. Report to B216 after school to sign up.
DISNEY APPRECIATION CLUB Mr. Wickham M229 Oct. 23 Monday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Bring yourself and your love of Disney to after school! In Disney Club we will watch Disney movies, draw Disney characters and even sing some Disney themed karaoke! Report to M229 after school to sign up.
DRAMA CLUB Ms. Mitchell P141 Oct. 23 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Calling all Act-letes!! Theatre Sports is ImPrOv!! Quick thinking, fast-paced fun on stage!! For those interested (not required to participate) there will also be competition options with other FCPS schools!! Report to P141 after school to sign up.
FBLA-ML Mr. McLarney A212 Oct. 2 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm The FBLA-ML (Future Business Leaders of America – Middle Level) is a business club at the middle school level. This club extends through higher education business schools. Students explore careers and delve into business principles attend online and in-person events and conferences to compete against other students or hone their leadership skills through interactive workshops and seminars. We often play various business games and have competitions with prizes to sharpen and hone our business savvy…and to have fun. Report to A212 after school to sign up.
FCCLA Ms. Ragland C176 Sept. 26

2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month

2:50pm - 3:50pm Why FCCLA? FCCLA promotes personal growth and leadership development through member involvement and Family and Consumer Sciences classes. Our Focus is on student membership, academic & community leadership, creativity, personal character development, and friendship. Be a "STAR" in FCCLA! Be Part of IT! I challenge you to join us! **Small fee associated with certain club competitions. Report to C176 after school to sign up.
FRENCH CLUB Madame Underhill C205 Oct. 16

Monday Tuesday Wednesday  or  Thursday

3:00pm - 4:00pm French Club for middle schoolers (le petit cercle français) – This club will meet on a monthly basis to celebrate and experience cultural traditions of French-speaking areas in the world. All students are welcome…you do not have to be taking French class.

Report to C205 after school on select days to sign up.

Meeting Dates: Oct. 16, Nov. 15, Dec. 13, Jan. 18, Feb. 20,

March 20, Apr. 24, May 22

G.L.A.M. Ms. Rawlings M117 Oct. 2 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm The purpose of this club is to provide girls an opportunity to connect and build relationships with their female peers while learning social and life skills that can be used to develop inter-personal skills. Some topics include respect, trust, friendship, loyalty, and self-awareness (self-esteem, self-respect). Report to M117 after school to sign up.
GLEE Club Ms. Tolbert P136 Nov. 28 Tuesday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Come learn about vocal projection, performance, harmonization and what it means to have great stage presence. Spend each week rehearsing group songs in the pop/rock/music theatre genre while incorporating fun choreography. All students welcome! Report to P136 after school to sign up.


Not in Session

Ms. Gordon         We will meet 2 times a month (some with HS counterpart) to take care of our native plant gardens, design new projects to partner with focused on sustainable water retention practices, promote appreciation of nature by actively promoting awareness and knowledge of the outdoors. Report to M126 after school to sign up.
KOREAN CULTURE EXPERIENCE Ms. Cable H210 Sept. 28 Thursday (bi-weekly) 2:50pm - 4:40pm The purpose is to promote Korean cultural exchanges within the local community. All students are welcome. Upon completion of the 12-week course, students will receive the following: - Certificate - Credit for Community Service Hours - Gifts Report to H210 after school to sign up.
KOREAN MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT CLUB Ms. Shaddy M216 Jan. 22 Monday 2:50pm - 4:30pm

If you enjoy listening to kpop and watching kdramas this is the club for you!

Snacks will be provided!:)

Report to M216 after school to sign up.

LIBRARY TIME Library Staff Library Sept. 26 Monday Tuesday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:30pm Take advantage of the wonderful resources the LBSS Library has to offer. Students can work on homework, projects or organize group meetings for projects! A pass from a teacher is required to enter the library after school.


Mr. Brodie

Mr. O'Reilly

MS Counseling Conf. room Sept. 26

Thursday Friday

2:50pm - 4:40pm In the Magic game, you play the role of a planeswalker—a powerful wizard who fights other planeswalkers for glory, knowledge, and conquest....join other LB planeswalkers! Report to MS Counseling after school to sign up.

Ms. Miller

Ms. Tedder

L125 Sept. 26 Tuesday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Practice your Writing, Publish a Magazine and Learn How to Get Published! Report to L125 after school to sign up.
MATHCOUNTS Mr Luxenberg L209 Sept. 25 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Learn problem solving techniques and have fun tackling challenging math problems. We even compete against other middle schools in Northern Virginia. Report to L209 after school to sign up.
MILITARY AMBASSADORS CLUB (MAC) Ms. Edwards M114 Feb. Tuesday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Come on out to MAC and help plan community service activities to connect us to our military families in and outside the Burke area! Report to M117 after school to sign up.
NJHS Mr. Purdy Lecture Hall Oct. 26 Thursday 2:50pm - 4:00pm National Junior Honor Society will meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month unless otherwise noted. Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday of every month unless otherwise noted.
JUST PIN IT! (PINTEREST CLUB) Ms. Curtade Cafeteria Sept. 26 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Using Pinterest as inspiration, this club will find projects to plan and complete together! Come with your Pin-spiration to submit for the next project idea. Sign up in the cafeteria after school on the day you are attending.
SCIENCE OLYMPIAD Ms. Viswanathan H125 Oct. 3 Tuesday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Science Olympiad offers students an opportunity to work together on competitive events such as engineering, meteorology, chemistry, and physiology. Lake Braddock’s middle school team competes with other schools around Northern Virginia and across the state.

Tryout Test: Thursday, October 3rd in the large cafeteria.

Report to H125 after school to sign up.

SHAKE IT UP Ms. Mitchell P141 Oct. 25 Wednesday 2:50pm - 5:00pm

Who is this old dead guy?

What’s the big deal about him?

Why should I care?

He’s soooo confusing!

No one uses that old language anymore!


If you’ve said these things, you NEED to come to “Shake It Up” Where we will “PLAY” (get it?) with Shakespeare!

Report to P141 after school to sign up.
STEM CLUB Ms. Cortesi M234 Oct. 3 Tuesday 2:50pm - 4:40pm This type of noisy, exuberant club exemplifies what Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are all about. Learning is collaborative and project-based; students will work closely together in a hands-on way to solve real-world problems. Report to M234 after school to sign up.
THEATRE SPORTS Ms. Mitchell P141 Oct. 23 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Calling all Act-letes!! Theatre Sports is ImPrOv!! Quick thinking, fast-paced fun on stage!! For those interested (not required to participate) there will also be competition options with other FCPS schools!! Report to P141 after school to sign up.
VIDEO ARCADE Mr. Johnson Faculty Dining Room Sept. 26 Tuesday Thursday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Join us at Video Arcade Club for a safe, fun place to meet, socialize, and compete with students who have similar interests! NEW THIS YEAR: Join us on "Movie Mondays" the first Monday of every month we will enjoy a video game-themed movie. Compete in "Tournament Tuesdays" where all club attendees are invited to compete in a tournament of the week's most popular game, with the chance of winning the first place prize. Sign up in the cafeteria (Faculty Dining Room) after school on the day you are attending.
YOGA CLUB Ms. Demsko Faculty Dining Room Oct. 2 Monday 2:50pm - 4:40pm Yoga is a gift for the body and the mind. It blends balance, strength, flexibility and power in a fitness format. Come radiate positive karma after school. Report to the Faculty Dining Room after school to sign up.

*If you need more detailed information, please contact the club sponsor directly or Ms. Bryan*

Check announcements on Blackboard and The Bruin Cave to stay up-to-date with after-school program information.


Miscellaneous Information

Many clubs with sign-ups and tryouts have a limited number of spots available due to staffing and space constraints. 

All registration forms, applications and interest letters will be posted on the LBMS MS School Information 17-18 Blackboard site under After-School Program and also located outside Ms. Bryan’s office in L151 in the Main Office. Completed forms should be turned in to Ms. Bryan unless otherwise noted by a club sponsor.

Many clubs meet on the same day which requires students to choose between them. You may not participate in two clubs on one day.

Interested in a club that’s not on the list?  Talk to Ms. Bryan and see what it takes to start a club.