Honor Code

Dear Lake Braddock Students and Parents,

I am very pleased to announce the establishment of a school-wide honor code.  Nearly two years ago, we identified a need to strengthen and develop consistency around the rules and policies associated with cheating and plagiarism.  A task force comprised of students, parents, teachers and administrators was convened to begin the process of developing an Honor Code that works for everyone.

The Honor Code Task Force spent their many meetings discussing and reviewing models from other schools and collecting data from surveys involving a number of stakeholders in an effort to identify the focus and direction of the honor code.  They asked the questions – What is honor?  What is academic honor?  The group also looked at best practice in other schools across the county and beyond to develop a model which will work for the Lake Braddock Community.

Here is the Lake Braddock Honor Code as it will be used in all grades.

The Honor Pledge “On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this assignment or test.”

 Throughout the coming two months, we will educate our students, staff, and community about the parameters of the honor code to ensure that everyone has a clear understanding of the terminology, procedures, expectations, and potential consequences.  More detailed information about the LBSS Honor Code will be posted on our web page.   The Honor Code will go into effect building-wide on January 1, 2012.  If you have questions or comments, we invite your feedback willingly. I look forward to the impact the Honor Code will have on the academic pursuits and social development of our students.


Sincerely, David F. Thomas Principal