March High School Writing SOL Information

The Virginia Department of Education requires that all students in English 11 take the English Writing Standards of Learning (SOL) test. Students currently enrolled in AP Language, who will be taking the AP Language exam in May, will be excluded from taking the March Writing SOL.

At this time, the English Writing SOL verified credit is still required for graduation. Students who have selected to remain virtual the rest of the school year are expected to return to the building for testing. However, due to the pandemic, the state is allowing flexibility by permitting any 11th grade student to postpone their testing to the Fall SOL Writing window in October of 2021 (during the student’s senior year).

Please note, the state is not waiving the verified credit for graduation, only allowing a deferment of testing. 

Use this link for more information about COVID-related test refusal. You can preview the contents of the upcoming COVID-related Refusals for Testing form below. Please use the translation block at the top of this webpage to translate the contents of the form. 

March SOL Writing 2021

High School March Writing SOL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

March 5, 2021: UPDATED Frequently Asked Questions  from Ms. Bury's testing email. 

What is the format of the SOL English Writing test?

The SOL EOC English: Writing consists of two components:

  • multiple-choice
  • short-paper

These components are administered online, in-person at school in two sessions. In order to obtain a score, your student must complete both components.

Can my student take both test components in the same day?

A new feature for March SOL Writing this year is the ability to complete both components of the Writing SOL in the same day. To request this special permission students and parents will need to complete this form by Friday, February 26. This form can only be accessed through a student’s school log-in.

Students who want to take both tests in the same day will report on March 15th for the multiple-choice component along with their classmates. However, after lunch, they will then complete the short paper/essay part. Please note that testing must be completed by 3:00.

Before deciding if you want to complete both parts of the SOL in one day, there are a few considerations to make. In order to have enough time to complete the essay, students would have to complete the multiple-choice section by 11:00 on the first day of testing. If you are still working on the multiple-choice section at 11:00 a.m. on March 15, you will certainly be allowed to continue on that section, however, you will not be allowed to start the short paper in the afternoon. If this is the case, you will be asked to return on March 22 with the other students to complete the short paper.

You MUST complete the google form to be scheduled for single day testing. Last minute requests cannot be accommodated. The deadline is Friday, February 26. Student log-in required.

If my junior is taking the AP Language exam in May, do they have to take the SOL?

Students taking the AP Language exam in May do not have to sit for the March SOL writing as they can get the writing verified credit for graduation if they score a 2 or higher on the AP exam.

If your student does not score a 2 or higher on the AP exam, they will have an opportunity to attempt the Writing SOL in Fall of 2021.

AP Language students are still required to attempt the SOL Reading test in May as it is a Federal Participation test requirement.

What are the dates of the March Writing SOL for juniors?

The multiple-choice component is scheduled for Monday, March 15 and the Short Paper (Essay) component will be taken a week later on Monday, March 22.

Both testing days will start at 8:15 a.m.

Student’s testing locations and schedules will be emailed to students on Friday, March 5 to their school Google accounts. Students with approved testing accommodations may have different test schedule and will be notified by student email on March 5.

If testing is on a Monday, how will my student get to school?

FCPS will provide bus transportation for students who normally ride a bus to school. Students who require bus transportation for both or one day of testing will need to complete the following transportation request by February 26.

Click Here for Transportation Requests. (Requires student log-in)

Students may also drive themselves or have a parent drop them off. Students who normally walk to school may continue to do so.

Is my student required to take this test in March 2021?

Due to Covid-related flexibility, VDOE will not require students to take this assessment in March 2021. There is no academic impact of deferring this test; however, students must still earn a verified credit in writing to meet VDOE graduation requirements.

Parents and students should contact their school counselor to ensure that deferring the test will not delay graduation.

If we defer SOL testing in March 2021, when can my student access a test for verified credit?

FCPS will offer the SOL English Writing test in Fall 2021. The timing of a student’s graduation plans should be taken into consideration when considering deferring testing.

How do I let the school know I want to defer my junior’s SOL Writing until next year?

Follow this link for more information on completing and submitting a COVID-related test refusal form.

Can my student bring their cell phone to testing?

Below is the LBSS SOL cell phone and electronics policy for SOL testing.

Cell phone/electronics policy during SOL testing: All cell phones/electronic devices must either not be brought into the testing location or be placed backpacks that will be kept at the front or back of the lab. Students' backpacks cannot be near the computer area. While in the testing room, students may not access their cellphone or other electronic device while anyone is testing. If a student refuses to remove their cell phone or other electronic device from their work area, to include their pocket, they will not be permitted to test until the device is secure. Only as students exit the computer testing lab will they be able to retrieve their backpack. Cell phones MUST be turned off, not on vibrate or silent. Make sure the alarm is also turned off. No phone can be with students at any time while they are in the testing room.

Any student who is found to have an electronic device of any kind in his/her possession, at any time during this testing session, regardless of whether or not it is turned off, will be removed from the testing site and the cell phone/electronic device will be confiscated and turned over to the sub-school principal.

What does my student need to bring on test days?

It is extremely important that you bring your FCPS school-issued laptop fully charged, charging cables, and a pencil or pen for scratch paper notes.

Due to test security reasons, students cannot test on personal laptops. Students who do not bring their FCPS laptop will be unable to test.


This documentation form is intended for refusals to participate in Virginia Assessment Program tests related to COVID-19 or an unspecified reason. All students enrolled in Virginia public schools are expected to take the applicable state tests. This is documented in the Virginia Standards of Accreditation, Virginia Board of Education Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia.

Student Name: ________________________________________ Grade: ______ FCPS ID #: _________________ School Name: _________________________________________ STI #: _________________________________ Specific Standards of Learning (SOL) assessment(s) the parent(s)/guardian(s) are refusing:* __________________________________________________________________________________________ Does this student have an individualized education program (IEP)? _____ (Y/N)** Does this student have a 504 Plan? _____ (Y/N) Does this student have an English Learner Student Assessment Participation Plan (ELSAPP)? _____ (Y/N)

AGREEMENTS: Schools must ensure that parents/guardians are fully informed of the consequences of refusing to participate. Parents/guardians acknowledge notification by initialing each of the points below.

  • The student will not have an assessment record during this testing window for the refused test(s). Parent/Guardian initials ____________
  • If a verified credit is needed for diploma requirements, the student will need to attempt an approved test at a later date to ensure on-time graduation. Parent/Guardian initials _____________
  • While this student will not participate in testing, the school’s delivery of content and instruction will not change due to this decision. Academic expectations will remain the same. Parent/Guardian initials _____________
  • Schools will not have the benefit of analyzing student performance on the test(s), which provides detailed information about the student’s mastery of content. Parent/Guardian initials _____________

Principal Signature (required): _________________________________________________ Date: _______________ Parent/Guardian Signature (required): ___________________________________________ Date: _______________ Additional Parent/Guardian Signature (optional): ___________________________________ Date: _______________ Reviewed by School Test Coordinator (required): __________________________________ Date: _______________

* SOL assessments include the Virginia Alternate Assessment Program.


Click the following link to connect with the official COVID-related Parent Refusal form